Foster an Animal-Save a Life!

Niagara Action for Animals does not have a shelter. Our adoption program operates via a network of loving foster homes into which our cats/ kittens (and on occasion dogs, small animals or farmed animals) are placed temporarily to await their adoption. Foster homes directly maximize the number of animals we can save and allow us to help adoptable animals who would otherwise be euthanized because they are difficult to care for in a shelter environment. In addition to directly saving the life of an animal, providing short-term foster care is a great way to enjoy the company of an animal when circumstances do not allow for a lifetime adoption commitment. While it can be difficult to let a loved foster animal go, knowing you saved an animal’s life by helping them find a forever home is immensely gratifying.

What are foster homes responsible for?

  • Fostering can last from a few days to several months until the animal is either adopted or placed at one of our retail adoption centers. We do request a minimum of four months commitment to your foster animal.
  • Foster animals should be kept in a separate room (nothing fancy) in your home either temporarily or throughout the foster period. It is your choice whether you eventually integrate your foster animal with your family.
  • NAfA is responsible for all veterinary care costs and can provide food, litter and other supplies if needed.
  • Foster homes may assist with transporting animals to adoption events or veterinary appointments, in addition to allowing potential adopters to visit their home.

Find out if you would be a suitable foster home by filling in the form below!

Approved foster homes are required to sign a foster liability form and consent to a home visit by a NAfA volunteer. Please note that the following questions largely pertain to the fostering of cats/ kittens. Applicants indicating interest in fostering other species (e.g., dogs, small animals, farmed animals), will be contacted with more species-specific questions.

  • All foster home volunteers must be at least 18 years of age
  • Please check all that apply
  • If needed, NAfA can provide supplies
  • Please note, if you rent you must obtain permission from your landlord
  • Not necessary but convenient for transporting animals to veterinarian appointments and adoption events