Helping the Animals,
Making a Difference

What do we do?

Niagara Action for Animals’ mission is to advocate for all animals through education and community outreach. We envision a compassionate society that respects the innate worth of all animals.


NAfA produces annual newsletters as a means to keep our supporters informed about our events, fundraisers, and all the work that our volunteers do to help animals. To receive our current newsletter, either by post or by email, please contact us at

Go Vegan

Switching to a healthy vegan diet not only saves the lives of animals, it could save your own life, and the future of our planet.

Featured Adoption

Benny & Budweiser

Domestic short-hair

Males/Neutered/Special Needs

Meet Benny (buff, 6 years old) and Budweiser (Bud) (black, 3 years old).
Their owner has passed away at a young age and NAfA would like to re-home them together.
They have both tested positive for feline leukemia, however cats who test positive for FeLV can live for many years without serious symptoms. You can contact Lisa at NAfA; she can tell you more about this.
Benny was semi-feral when the owner adopted him, but over the years he has settled, although a little nervous of new situations and people.
Bud was adopted as a young kitten and has only known one home. He is very affectionate.
These cats are bonded.
Email if you are interested.

Food Animals

For the last year we have reliable figures (2021), approximately 825 million farmed animals were killed in Canada as food. (Canadian Agri-Food Sector)

Animal Research

For the year 2020, over 5 million* animals were used in Canada for research, teaching, and testing. (*numbers are from CCAC accredited labs only)

Fur Farming

For the last year we have reliable figures, roughly 4 million* animals, are raised or trapped and killed for their pelts. (from Animal Justice; the Canadian Government no longer offers stats)


For the last year we have reliable figures, roughly 18% of cats and 12% dogs were euthanised, relative to intake in shelters. (Humane Canada)