Helping the Animals,
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What do we do?

Niagara Action for Animals’ mission is to advocate for all animals through education and community outreach. We envision a compassionate society that respects the innate worth of all animals.


NAfA 2018 Summer Newsletter

NAfA produces 3 annual newsletters as a means to keep our supporters informed about our events, fundraisers, and all the work that our volunteers do to help animals. We also feature articles that highlight important animal rights related issues/stories. We hope you find our 2018 Summer newsletter of interest; please click the link below to… Read more »

Featured Adoption



Female 8 years approx. Spayed Vaccinated

Meet Harriet! This beautiful girl is approximately 8 years old and came into our care when she required some special vet procedures. Harriet’s amazing vet has gotten her into pretty good shape but she will still live with two treatable conditions that her adopter will need to commit to managing. One is arthritis that is managed with medication. The other is a digestive issue that is managed with food and medication. Her adopter should know that these conditions mean that periodically she may need to visit the vet for a special procedure that helps her colon. This is not particularly costly and is quite safe and non-invasive.

Food Animals

In 2016, approximately 770 million farmed animals were killed in Canada for food. (Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, 2016)

Animal Research

In 2016, approximately 4 million animals were used in Canada for research, teaching, and testing. (Canadian Council on Animal Care, 2016)

Fur Farming

Each year in Canada, over 3 million animals, including fox and mink, are raised on fur farms or trapped in the wild and killed for their pelts. (Statistics Canada, 2015)


1 in 5 cats and 1 in 8 dogs that enter shelters in Canada are euthanized. (Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, 2015)