Education is crucial to achieving NAfA’s vision of a compassionate society that values the innate worth of all animals. NAfA volunteers are committed to informing the public about animal exploitation through community outreach.

Public Advertising Campaigns       

NAfA is committed to highlighting animal issues  through media campaigns. We have erected billboards throughout the Niagara Region to raise awareness on issues such as animals in captivity, the seal hunt, circus cruelty, factory farming, veganism, anti-fur, spay/neuter, rodeo cruelty, and  egg-laying hens.

Outreach Displays

NAfA continues to raise awareness about animal cruelty by organizing informational displays at libraries and community events such as local veg-fests and similar venues. If you know of an upcoming event where NAfA might host a table and/or set-up a display, please let us know.

Humane Education

NAfA is available to speak to schools, community groups and city councils about a variety of animal rights/welfare topics. For example,  NAfA successfully advocated for animals by convincing the City of St. Catharines to cease the lethal trapping of beavers. Let us organize an educational presentation for your group or classroom!

Demonstrations/ Protests

NAfA regularly organizes peaceful demonstrations to speak out against animal cruelty. We have coordinated demos to protest against animal-based circuses, rodeo events, animals in captivity, the fur industry and hunting.

Resource Donations                                                 

Having a centralized office allows us to provide a resource centre for the public. NAfA has compiled a comprehensive collection of educational materials on various animal related topics and we are willing to donate animal-friendly books, literature and videos to local schools and libraries. 

Sponsoring Animal Rights Events

NAfA hosts and sponsors community events on animal rights topics including guest speakers, conferences and film screenings. NAfA is also proud to have sponsored an annual bursary award to financially aid a full-time student at Brock University with a concentration in Critical Animal Studies and a passion for animal rights.

Promoting Veganism

NAfA is committed to promoting veganism. The NAfA office has a fully equipped and certified kitchen, which allows us to prepare vegan food for our fundraising/community events and offer vegan cooking classes to the public. For 7 years, NAfA was also a proud annual sponsor of Niagara Veg-Fest.