Spaying/Neutering Saves Lives!

Millions of healthy unwanted cats, dogs & other animals who enter shelters each year are needlessly killed due to a lack of space and/or loving homes. There are many agencies that are desperately trying to find homes for the thousands of homeless animals throughout Niagara, but the sad reality is, there are simply not enough good homes. NAfA is committed to ending euthanasia as a means of dealing with our “pet” overpopulation crisis by educating others on the importance of spay/neuter and sponsoring spay/neuter programs in the community where the problem begins.

Be part of the solution. Spaying or neutering your companion animal is the single most important thing you can do to end the suffering of cats, dogs and other animals. By getting your companion animal spayed/neutered, you will help reduce the number of animals who are born, freeing up homes for unwanted homeless animals who will ultimately be killed. In addition, “fixing” your companion animals will also prevent medical and behavioral problems from developing, and allow your companion animal to lead a longer, healthier and happier life. Contact your veterinarian or a low cost spay/neuter clinic today!

Welland & District Regional Spay/Neuter Clinic

700 East Main Street, Welland, ON L3B 3Y4
289-820-9651 x201

Lincoln County Humane Society Animal Clinic

160 Fourth Ave., St. Catharines, ON L2R 2P9

Rabbit Spay/Neuter Program

Rabbits reproduce faster than dogs or cats and often end up in shelters, where many are euthanized due to a lack of space/homes. Moreover, neutering male rabbits reduces hormone-driven behavior (such as lunging, mounting, spraying) and spayed female rabbits are less likely to get reproductive cancers. NAfA funds the spaying/neutering of all rabbits placed for adoption at the Welland & District Humane Society, Lincoln County Humane Society and Fort Erie SPCA.

Carol’s Ferals Program

NAfA is committed to empowering new people to take a role in helping homeless cats in their community. According to finances, we may be able to provide monetary assistance, if you are committed to Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) and after-care for feral colonies, community and/or barn cats. For more information on how to operate the traps and effectively manage, feed and provide shelter for colony cats, please visit